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About Our School

The Village of Rothienorman is settled in an attractive rural location eleven miles north-west of Inverurie and 12 miles south west of Turriff.

The school’s current roll is 135 and there are an additional 30 children in nursery (20 in the morning session and 17 in the afternoon one).
Rothienorman Primary School has 6 full time teaching staff, 2 part time teaching staff, 2 full-time pupil support assistants, 2 part-time pupil support assistants, a full time Early Years Lead Practitioner (nursery teacher) and 3 part-time nursery nurses. The Head Teacher is non class committed.
This year we do not have visiting specialist teachers but instead our existing teachers have time out of class where they deliver a specialism to other classes. We also have a teacher who provides support for learning 3 days per week. The school works closely with a range of other support agencies and volunteers in order to provide the best possible experience for children with additional support needs. Rothienorman School is part of the Meldrum Community Schools’ Network and works closely with the other 12 schools in the Network.

HMIe last inspected the school in November 2011. The Care Inspectorate last inspected the nursery on 2nd May 2017.
We have recently updated our Vision, Values and Aims and last session we worked with all interested parties to create our Curriculum Rationale. More detail regarding this can be seen in our constantly evolving display in the main entranceway. We have an active Parent Partnership Group (PPG) which organises a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the year.

We have a number of extra-curricular clubs which run at different times during the year including table tennis, football, jogging, skiing and judo.